About Us

“Corporate Alliance for Good Ltd” is a non-profit company limited by guarantee. It was incorporated on 5th May 2021. Presently it is led by directors, Png Bee Hin, Melvyn Mak and Wilson Tan, with Wilson serving as the CEO.

CAforGood believes in coming together to do good using innovative solutions and smart technology. Rallying businesses and companies to come together, we aim to serve needy people in partnership with organisations in a synergistic and sustainable way.

The focus of CAforGood will be creating opportunities for livelihood, especially for needy young people, through innovative smart-technology solutions such as edu-tech, travel-tech and agri-tech platforms or skills development frameworks.

To build capacity and competency, we aim to provide on-line and off-line training and educational opportunity for people who need a helping hand, from special needs adults to ex-offenders in genuine need of a second chance.

In the current economic and social climate in 2021, we believe that the pooling of resources, both human and capital, will lead to synergy in creating employment opportunities, whether directly or together, in partnership with governmental, corporate or charitable entities.

We are a member of ARAIBA (Asean Responsible And Inclusive Business Alliance). This is an initiative of ASEAN CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Network and the ASEAN Business Advisory Council. ARAIBA envisions a world where being a responsible and inclusive business is the reason that companies become successful because that will create a world that has a powerful and positive impact on the triple bottom-line – Profit, People and Planet.