Corporate Alliance for Good Ltd

A. Who is Corporate Alliance for Good Ltd (CAforGood) and what is its objective?

CAforGood is a company limited by guarantee, not for profit and is constituted to support sustainable socio-economic development. CAforGood is a charitable organisation, set up to raise fund from donors and sponsors to support all missions with good recommendation. It is founded by the MC-19 Mission key Task Force members lead by Sunny. MC-19 Mission is the inaugural mission initiated by the volunteers Task Force who came together from Singapore, Philippines and Malaysia in response to the call to action to help helpless and vulnerable people in need, typically the urban poor and those whose lives are severely affected by the Covid-19 in the capital city of the Philippines.

Apart from MC-19 Mission, CAforGood will develop revenue generating projects that fits its constitution with donors, sponsors, and impact investors to fulfill company operation sustainability and profit from operation is ploughed back to company’s charitable missions.

B. When was CAforGood incorporated?

CAforGood has been in the process of incorporation in November 2020 and is a Singapore base company. An official company Unique Entity Number and address shall be updated as soon as its legal counsel and corporate secretary completed its process with ACRA. For more information please contact +65 66106800 or email to inquiry@caforgood.org.

C. Who's CAforGood Board of Directors (BOD), Advisers, and Management team?

The pro teem committee formed by the initial Mission Task Force takes careful and in-depth study on the constitutional need of a public company set up not for profit but for charity. The committee goes through thorough screening process, to invite individual who are prominent public figures with high social honors and standing from the ex-public and private sectors to form the Board of Advisory of the Company. The exco is elected and approved by the Board after due diligence as part of the Company good corporate governance. For more information please refer to www.caforgood.org.

D. Who is the legal advisor of the Company?

Goodwins Law Corporation, with its address at 143, #03 -02 Cecil St, GB Building, 069542, is the legal counsel of the Company. All legal and company’s compliance matters are handled by Good wins Law.

E. Who is the auditor of the Company?

CAforGood is a public company, the financial report is subject to independent audit according to Singapore public company and charity Laws to ensure highest order of compliances and accountability to all its sponsors and donors. Different independent auditors are appointed from time to time according to Board of Advisory recommendation.

F. How do you ensure that donations and sponsorship are appropriately handled and managed?

CAforGood is chartered to maintain its highest transparency when it comes to fund raising. Apart from having BOD that upholds the highest order of integrity with years of credential in the public and legal services, CAforGood enacts a series of policies such as ethical and inclusive procurement, financial and accounting and human resources policies with the help of its Board of Advisors.

The company also enacted code of honour and conducts. CAforGood is public company, as such its official annual financial report is audited as required by the Singapore Law, published online, and is subjected to the Commissioner of Charity and its legal statues scrutiny. All donors and sponsors are welcome to inspect the book of the company. The Company practises internal cross audit of all functions to ensure highest standard of accountability and stewardship regularly.

G. What can donors, sponsors, or well-wishers, gain from giving?

All Donors and Sponsors shall be recognized and acknowledged in all Company’s official and social media. Donors and sponsors will also be nominated as award recipients at the annual dinner hosted by Brand Laureate, a leading Global Branding Foundation. Sponsors and donors are welcome to co-brand through CAforGood missions for charity supported with sponsorships and donations.

For more information, please call +65 66106800 or visit: www.caforgood.org.

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