Heartland Gems @ South West

Kee Fee Jewellery

Kee Fee Jewellery

Family Run Business

Kee Fee started out as a family run business since 1977 and have been serving the Bukit Gombak neighbourhood for almost 40 years. They carry a wide range to cater to both the older generation, as well as the younger, and it's interesting to see which type of product they prefer!

Address: Blk 375 Bukit Batok Street 31, #01-138, Singapore 650375

Kee Fee Jewellery


Gold jewellery still holds a strong and sentimental value amongst many Asian races, particularly the older generation, who are especially keen on its higher purity and yellow hue. This limits some of its design options, and it's interesting to see that the younger generation are keen on more modern options such as “purple” gold, rather than the metal’s purity.

Gold also plays an important role on auspicious occasions, and that’s when prices also go up! So if you are preparing a gift, do well to skirt those peak holiday seasons and prices!

Kee Fee Jewellery

In addition to its traditional fare, Kee Fee also holds an interesting range, with traditional ethnic themes such as batik, woven in a modern rendition on an expensive background of gold.

Kee Fee Jewellery

They carry an innovative range of beautifully wrought floral themes that would melt any mom’s heart!

Kee Fee Jewellery

And whether its for a baby shower, or dressing up as the latest K-Pop idol, Kee Fee does have a wide range for all three or four generations of the family.

Food For Thought

Ever wondered why gold holds such significant value to many people?

Apart from Jewellery, Gold is a rare metal that is commonly used to create coins since they do not corrode. This metal provides humans a sustainable store of value. People tend to invest in gold to get through tough and good times, since they are considered more “stable” as compared to currency or monetary goods which fluctuates in value from time to time. What are the other common products that are made out of gold?

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Bukit Gombak Heartland Gems

The South West Community Development Council (CDC), in collaboration with Corporate Alliance for Good Ltd (CAforGood), LDR Technology Pte Ltd (LDR), SG Digital Office (SDO), and the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT), are launching the first of its kind, Heartland Gems @ South West Augmented Reality (AR) Trail on 2 July 2022.

This initiative aims to encourage residents to appreciate the rich history, culture and heritage of the heartlands and learn new digital skills in support of the Digital for Life (DfL) movement.

The inaugural trail at Bukit Gombak comprises 15 interesting scenic spots such as the Little Guilin and local food delicacies at the Neighbourhood Food Centre. Through the use of augmented reality and QR code placed strategically along the trails, residents can discover interesting facts and history about the places and stories of the hawkers and merchants, enjoy little games at the various spots and take fun photos with 3D AR objects.

For the convenience of customers, there are coffee shops like Air Pasang, shops and stalls like Top Durian, and Sin Chwee Mini Mart which accept E-payments and allow customers to transact digitally using their mobile phones. Customers can also use their CDC vouchers to pay for their purchases.

Come experience this special AR trail now, and enjoy the heartland gems Bukit Gombak can offer!