Dr. Chan Ying Lock

Step-Up Business Consultancy


With his many years of working in private enterprises and financial institutions right up to managing an international company and serving on the board of listed companies, Ying Lock brings his wealth of experience into his consultancy practice, specializing in helping SMEs progress to the next level.


Ying Lock started his career in audit and accounting, moving into corporate operations and management and finally into venture capital.

Since 2010, Ying Lock has been involved in impact investing which he calls “venture capital with a heart”. In 2010, Ying Lock was tasked to set up and be the COO of SE Hub, a Tote Board initiative to fund social enterprises in Singapore. In 2015, Ying Lock left SE Hub and moved to a privately backed impact fund Garden Impact Investments where he is Senior Director of Investments. In addition to reviewing and doing due diligence work on new deals, from time to time Ying Lock gets seconded into the operations and management of the investee companies. He is currently Executive Chairman of Agape Connecting People, a Singapore social enterprise started by an ex-offender that provides training and job opportunities for ex-offenders as well as for other disadvantaged persons.

With a passion for education, Ying Lock has been teaching management and entrepreneurial accounting at the Nanyang Technological University since 2005.