No matter, what your
age and station
in life are,
you can ALWAYS
make a difference.


Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives



Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives




Here’s how you can volunteer with us

  1. Tour Buddy (to beneficiary)
  2. Event Volunteer
  3. Admin Volunteer
  4. Content Development Volunteer
  5. Graphic Design Volunteer

Volunteer Openings

Do you enjoy helping others and have a personal gift or talent to share for a GOOD CAUSE?
Come volunteer with us!

Event Befriender (Tour Buddy)

  • You are warm, helpful and enjoy meeting people. You like to bring a smile to the faces of the disadvantaged by taking care of them and ensuring they have a good time at our Equine Assisted Experiential Tour.

Event & Admin Volunteer

  • You enjoy organizing things and putting them in order so that our community development work can run smoothly. You have a pleasant disposition and are familiar with Microsoft Office.

Content Development Volunteer

  • You love telling stories in words to inform, educate and inspire others. You have a high level of proficiency in English and a knack to bring stories and facts to life. You also enjoy photo-journaling and have an eye for aesthetics.

Digital Design Volunteer

  • You are creative and love to play with colors and designs.  You have an eye for aesthetics, enjoy photography and is savvy with digital design tools, including Microsoft PowerPoint.

Please email your C.V to:
or submit your queries 
HERE to our HR Team

Please email your C.V to: enquiry@caforgood.or or
submit your queries
HERE to our HR Team


Here’s how you can partner with us

  1. Sponsor a project
  2. Group volunteering
  3. Co-organise a community development programme
  4. Sponsor-in-kind

Here’s how you can give

  1. Sponsor a project
  2. Sponsor-in-kind
  3. Support personnel
  4. Support our operational needs