Manila Covid-19 Mission FAQs

A. What is Manila COVID-19 Mission (MC-19 Mission)?

Manila COVID-19 Mission or otherwise known as MC -19 Mission is a holistic humanitarian initiative to provide Covid-19 relief aid to public hospitals, front-liners, and local community in Metro Manila to combat the effects of COVID-19. The appeal for help was initiated in early August 2020 by the Filipino hospital doctors represented by Dr. Luis Rodriguez, a well-respected medical practitioner and hospital owner in Philippines to Mr. Sunny Chin, President of Paradise Eco -tourism Corporation and the business community in Singapore. Sunny is also a founding member of ARAIBA (ASEAN Responsible and Inclusive Business Alliance. Please refer to

B. When was MC-19 Mission launched?

Through ARAIBA forum, Sunny called to action the inaugural mission to support the Covid-19 victims in Metro Manila on the 7 August 2020 . This was right after the Philippines president Duterte granted the petition for “time out” for the healthcare frontline workforce in the capital city and outlining areas after the leaders of nearly 100 medical organizations held a rare online news conference on the 2 Aug and warned that the health system has been overwhelmed by infection spikes and may collapse as health workers fall ill or resign from exhaustion and fear. The healthcare leaders asked Duterte to reimpose a tight lockdown in the capital to allow the government to give health workers “a time out” and allow the government to recalibrate its response to the pandemic.

The first MC-19 Mission task force was thus formed on the 15 August 2020.

C. What kind of assistance is MC-19 Mission providing and to which cities in Metro Manila?

We will be providing hospitals and front -lines in Valenzuela, Navotas and Malabon with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as surgical or N95 masks, gloves, goggles, face shields, hazmat suits, test kits, thermal scanners, hand -held thermometers, disinfecting tunnels, disinfectant, tele-presence robots and durable anti-viral surface coating.

For the urban poor community in Valenzuela and Navotas, we plan to provide care packages including food ration, surgical face masks and shield, and hand sanitizers The estimated targeted population is 600,000.

For long-term urban poor alleviation and empowerment, we aim to work with the local governments and community leaders to provide training and upskilling and to create remote job placement upon successful completion of training. In addition, we are proposing private-public partnership projects to build low -cost cluster housing with integrated urban aquaponics farm. To help reopening of economy, rapid Covid-19 test innovation from Singapore is also recommended for immediate adoption.

The total budget on humanitarian relief for the general hospitals, front-line healthcare workforce and community and the private public partnership project are approximately S$8 Million and S$20 Million, respectively.

D. How is MC-19 Mission funded?

CAforGood is the legal guardian of MC-19 Mission. All the aids supply needed for the mission comes the fundraising program planned and executed by the experienced management team of CAforGood.

E. Is MC-19 Mission a one-off effort?

MC-19 Mission is the inaugural mission on Humanitarian Relief undertaken by CAForGood. There is more mission on the same basis the Company will be planning ahead such as remote and free education to the children from the marginalized and poor community, coaching, counselling for employability, rural healthcare, farmers transformation etc. just to name a few. Corporate Alliance for Good is here to DO GOOD and to DO WELL for the ASEAN as its mission.

F. Why donate to MC-19 Mission?

Philippines has been ranked top in ASEAN in terms of Covid -19 infected cases. The country has seen its longest lockdown since the 15 August 2020, the first ASEAN country who implemented community quarantine at the early stage of Covid -19 before it turned into a global pandemic. There are more than one third of the population of the National Capital Region (12Mil) in the Philippine has been poor or made poor and hungry due to Covid-19. While the National and Local governments are battling with more relief and medical aids support to the public, the healthcare remains a luxury to the poor in the community. The situation is expected to remain for the next 12 months if not longer. The policy makers still have handful of issues and challenges containing the spread of Covid – 19 amidst restarting economy, let alone helping the vulnerable and the marginalized.

G. How can you help?

We believe everyone wants to do good to help if given the opportunity. We thank you for taking interest in our mission. It does not matter if you are individual or corporate. We need,

a. Volunteer – you can volunteer your time and energy as an ambassador or a volunteer in different fields such as fundraising, marketing, planning, logistics, social media, IT, project management, etc.

b. Pledge to CAforGood on monthly basis as Members of the Company.

C. Donor/Sponsor – donate and sponsor-in-kind to meet the needs of the beneficiaries on the ground of the mission and keep the company and missions operations going.

Please call +65 6610 8000 or email us at:

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We love to hear from you!

H. Who is ARAIBA?

ARAIBA is ASEAN Responsible and Inclusive Business Alliance. This is an initiative of ASEAN CSR Network and the ASEAN Business Advisory Council. Both are ASEAN Entities.

The ARAIBA vision describes the future that we want to create and the future that we are working towards is A WORLD WHERE BUSINESSES DO WELL BY DOING GOOD.

ARAIBA wants to create a world where being a responsible and inclusive business is the reason that companies become successful because that will create a world that has a powerful and positive impact on the triple bottom-line, Profit, People and Planet.

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Join us in investing into sustainable socio-economic development of needy communities.