MC-19 is our inaugural mission to the Philippines

How we launch a mission


— Respond to Request

We generally respond to request for assistance received from local leaders of a community. Our ‘Manila Covid1-19 Mission’ is an example of such response.


— Need based Plan

Our CAG Team will collaborate with the local leaders to assess the needs and develop a Plan that covers the Social and Economic aspects of the need.


— Form a Mission Team

We will expand our Team into a ‘Mission Team’ that is focused on the specific mission. We will find local leaders and talents who can bring in various talents with time commitment.


— Fund Raising Project

The Mission Team will create a ‘Fund Raising Project’ to be presented to Sponsors to participate by paying for the Project initiated project and services. Funds raised will be the basis of the ‘Mission Implementation Plan’ to be executed.


— Mission Execution

The ‘Mission Team’ will finalise the ‘MissionP Plan with budget and assign the project to the ‘Mission Team’ to execute the plan in coordination with the ground team.


— Sustainability

The ‘Mission Team’ will work towards developing a ‘Sustainable Impact Investment’ plan for ongoing involvement from the community that will bring about ‘Socio-Economic’ empowerment and long term solutions.

Partners & sponsors

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Join us in investing into sustainable socio-economic development of needy communities.