we are in the business of channeling solutions from our alliance partners to needy communities.

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Quality Face Masks

Covid-19 Test Lab

Low Cost Cluster Housing Dev (PH)

Sustainable Farming (SG, PH)

Learning Academy & Job Placement (SG, PH)

Community Healthcare (PH)

Business that places people before profit


— Reliable Source

We will source the protective mask only from certified sources.


— Ensure Quality

We will stand behind the quality with our CAG Trade Mark


— Consistent Supply

We buy in bulk to ensure we have steady supply

business that engages community


— CSR Funding

We will supply world mask quality protection to the needy funded by Corporate CSR engagement


— Hospitality Sector

Our quality face mask  will be supplied through hospitality sector to provide genuine protection to the public .


— Charity Sector

We will partner with selected Charities to bring affordable protection to the most vulnerable sector.